The Bormioli Rocco Group, which has been part of the British Private Equity Vision Capital fund since 2011, is divided into the four business units Tableware, Pharmaceutical Glass, Pharmaceutical Plastic and Food & Beverage and has 9 factories, 2 design studios, 6 subsidiaries and 10 tableware Stores. Bormioli Rocco exports its products to over 100 countries worldwide and is one of the major glass manufacturers in the international market.
With a broad portfolio of glass products for the household, the Tableware division has a strong presence in the sectors Modern Trade and Food Service. The production is characterized by stylistic innovations and high differentiation: from stemware to drinking glasses, from plates to table decorations, from ice cream cups to glass jars and containers of the well-known brands Quattro Stagioni and Frigoverre.
A product range that meets even the most demanding requirements, of the home use.